The entrance hall

When you walk through the door, you are greeted by 19th-century colors and patterns. The pillars are painted to look like porphyry. (Porphyry is a dense magma rock species that was formed 1.7 billion years ago. Porphyry means purple color and comes from greek porfyreos.) The king owned a large part of Älvdalen’s porphyry quarry. The really wealthy used his material which was terribly expensive. They wanted to show that they were friendly to the king. With the more financially minded cheated by painting so that it only looked like porphyry.

At the beginning of the 19th century it would be strong and bright colors which was considered masculine. The walls are painted black in a reddish-pink color and the black-and-white squares in the floor are a remnant of the Baroque.

The small coffin standing in the entrance was previously an important object. In it, the money was stored for the salary payments.

In the hall there is an elegant console table in Karl Johan and a mirror in a nested mahogany and the sculpture inside the door is a sculpture by Carl Eldh, one of Sweden’s foremost sculptors.